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Canada map of canada and us for Now, just three de cades later, this temple located near Beijing in Hebei Province has become one of the active locations for Buddhist practice in the country through a pattern of cooperation between religion and government triggered in large part by the economic boom that comes from religious tourism. A plaque in the temple reads, Th e Fragrance of the Zhao Zhou Tea Awakens One to His Nature of Mind; the Cypress Trees in the Yard Enlighten One with True Zhaozhou’s stupa. Photo by the author. Whither Koans, or Wither? 169 Emptiness. Furthermore, scholarship on Zhaozhou’s life and teaching by Chinese researchers demonstrates a remarkable depth of knowledge about traditional sources in the fi eld. It is no longer necessary to rely on Japa nese Zen scholars since the Chinese have the tools and apparatus needed for advanced research. While these instances highlight the spread of the koan tradition based on coming to terms with the mysterious sound of one hand clapping in a modern context in a positive fashion, other current trends in Zen may be considered more indiff erent, if not necessarily bad. Canada map of canada and us 2016.

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