Can for The WTO incorporated all of GATT’s principles. Established by the Uruguay Round (1986 94) of GATT negotiations, the WTO placed its headquarters in Geneva, SWITZERLAND and was officially launched on January 1, 1995. GATT was focused mainly on the elimination of tariffs and traditional non-tariff barriers. The WTO extended GATT in three ways. First, as a well-defined organization rather than merely a coalition of signatories to a treaty, it was better positioned to administer the global-trading system. Second, the WTO’s mission went beyond GATT: the WTO monitors national trade policies, provides technical and other assistance to developing countries, and coordinates its efforts with other international organizations such as the WORLD BANK and the INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND (IMF). Third, the WTO is working systematically to define global rules for international trade”not only with respect to tariffs and trade barriers, but also for intellectual property, industrial policy, environmental policy, and for specific industries. Can 2016.

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