Campania City

Camania City for Mlticltralism and the olitics of Recognition Tzvetan Todorov The Conqest of America Michael Walzer Sheres of Jstice Wb-e-ke-niew We Have the Right to Exist chater 6 Statecraft and Solcraft THE OLITICS OF IDENTITY is central to ostmodern olitical thoght becase the self is no longer acceted as a given, that is, as a stable entity with an innate set of known or knowable characteristics The assmtion, rather, is that the social environment fashions the identities of individals, molding their interests, vales, desires, and behavior ostmodern theorists investigate how ower shaes citizens and rodces certain sorts of sbjects This is not a totally novel aroach to olitics Camania City 2016

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