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BONIFACE V, pope 619 625. Native of Naples, consecrated pope 23 December 619, more than a year after his predecessor Adeodatus I’s death 615 618, due to the usual delay for obtaining imperial ratification of the election. Like his immediate predecessors, Boniface gave attention to the young church in England, born of Augustine of Canterbury’s mission. Boniface may be responsible for various norms concerning ecclesiastical testamentary law, the right to asylum of churches and the faculties of acolytes, who were prohibited from administering baptism in the Lateran basilica; it is likely these norms were the result of a synod. We have three of his letters Bede, HE II, 8,10-11: one was to Justo former bishop of Rochester and successor to Mellitus as archbishop of Canterbury in which he confers on him the dignity of the pallium, in part for having contributed to the conversion of King Adelvado. The other two are addressed to Edwin, king of England, and his wife Ethelburga at Easter 627 the sovereign solemnly announced his own conversion, encouraged by his wife. Boniface died 25 October 625 and was buried in the Vatican basilica. CPL 1725; PL 80, 435-440 of Bede; Mansi 10, 547-554; PL 80, 439-440 a fourth letter of Boniface, apocryphal; LP I, 321-322; Jaff I, 222-223; DBI 12 1979 140-142 P. Bertolini; P. Hunter Blair, The Letters of Pope Boniface V and the Mission of Paulinus to Northumbria, in Anglo-Saxon Northumbria, London 1984; EPapi I, 583-585 P. Bertolini.

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