I want to sequence by two my babies right now hi Pete these mommy will miss you oh yeah. I am going to see two more flowers it’s not really camping look but we have an idea to recruit some kind of like beauty post as well as go camping which never goes well together but we’ll try because we want make something that because it’s white flowers. And stuff oh of course peanuts miserable because he knows, I’m leaving. So alone Pia we’re getting close walkers canyon. And as you can see there are a lot of flowers everywhere, I’m going to find a place to park easily. And there’s a there’s a roast oh don’t worry Oh change. And have to put my sunglasses on because it’s So incredibly bright yeah blinding but he just thought, I’m Gerber man take you have a three way you have a lot of people in line uh-huh is what this is where you look at.


And that’s the pretty part you’re taking photos. And the he’s guy is still sending their supporters the commedia of me taking photos sent funny. And yeah, I’m waiting for my friend Stephanie from travels Lake. And Alyssa from my life is a movie we can take the ultimate perfect our model plane that doesn’t look like rattlesnake it looks like a cute little fluffy puffy what are they talking about huh he was protecting come with me for sweating Tiffany’s right behind me in trouble break another total it’s very pretty yeah quite a few people the dunes are amazing all right, I’m in someone’s house. And I’ll let you get by looking at a family photo, I’m as her this beautiful lady’s house where are you she’s eating ceviche. So she doesn’t care Stephanie say hello Tiffany hi no Stephanie from my other blog she’s a travel blogger. And she’s hosting me for a second it’s her bubby look how come you baby oh. So many sick she doesn’t care Stephanie’s Mexican. And her parents are Mexican. So you can say it’s a Mexican household that certain size one. So And if you didn’t even know who it’s pretty clear because you thought there’s ceviche on the table for people to dislike again. And tough appeal just like write a book on USA hello we’re going down. And die until. And looking for gas. And have that receptions it’s very interesting. So quick pit stop on our road trip Stephanie travel right. And we’re having Mexican Alice, I’m missing Mexican like crazy that is Mexican in the hammock. And the California Michigan all right. So everyone thinks ok Aggie is just like in front of the photos whatever. And it’s true Michael takes the most amazing photos. But I haven’t listed every for Stephanie show me the proof. I took a lot of Stephanie. And it’s like the most amazing yeah the most amazing sound of music shot ever look at this taken by yours truly Aggie right now sorry Stephanie Aggie in the wind in photographers. I paid her to say this no not really but, I’m supporting myself why should. I could photo. And then. I want to take in more photos if. I could only be announcing photos of myself racist but it’s not that thing be happy as a my goal to take your pictures moving this is actually really good time. And I’m. So underappreciated.

So underappreciated yeah. So we we we made it to unzip Arrigo which is the cutest little town we were just like Louie in all how cute is here. And I’m again station hit some beverages perhaps alcoholic ones because it’s very hot. And we need philsie. I like that this is only in America look at that how big the gear is its enormous because we got enormous. And cross like giant to be ready hope that you can help you. And you have to jump. I wonder chronic Merkel. And I have to say that whatever. I use a song for my post clips. I always think about a thing about that post clip whatever include a song is almost spoil system for me oh yeah yeah yeah Tim Scott. And hopefully my life is a movie Alyssa is already there waiting for us right trouble break people we go to our campsite after a lot of driving. And everything got here look who’s out here to the crazy the crazy part Monique was inside hi G is a chef she has a car believe it or not Oh real lives here in LA oh my god there’s. So much stuff in my back key ah yes we’re going to be camping right here yeah just exactly show this was like like seconds ago. And now a loose astern that’s what you do in a desert this is the avoided rattlesnake stance we were flowing some flutters. I don’t get like photos can actually translate. But I want to show you what it takes we’re split in three groups. And with Michael also with food with her brother. And Stephanie’s with Erik. And other travel bloggers to show you Alyssa.

I don’t know which is it from yeah. And yes let me a perfect Instagram photo, I’m just. I don’t know maybe. I just like stand behind. And like thought of on the photo like an Instagram liking or right now. I am totally right now. I thought about. I can’t believe you some awesome people to enjoy everyone kinda love the camera smile or laugh or something ah you guys are better this way this house is becoming a bigger party right here in problem, I’m very like you like, I’m reg right this is a Greg just Greg another Instagram Instagram area. So we had to be common ground what’s your what’s your handle Emilio mag at you know mag all right cool Greg Blitzer what’s your handle G McNulty ninety take notes they no salt. I think, I’m not going to [Laughter] personal physician yes Oh my lab zocalo movie yeah but these are like you know legends here but yeah total legends. And safety travel. And your am travel bottle away travel bottle. And thought that an Italian that’s right yeah are you Italian no ah alright we opened the wine clue nevermind end this. And Michael morning the magician that behind all the beautiful photos always always always be a girl really a countyman one jump now you’re talking now yep three two one jump. And on jump here ready three two one jump you like it if you like okay alright alright one more granda jog yeah jump is oh my god good job it’s So much more fun you can see my good night one more one more runway alright three two one jump yep okay send me that one y’all good y’all. So good these guys oh you like on the ground on the ground on the ground sorry, I’m bite of food basket eating all the cheese.

And drinking all the wine while these kids are busy. And the country that’s true gotta keep going amazing listen alright now this is it might look like it’s a lot of fun but look at this guy having fun Greg. I am whole fun a little getting a little dirty they’re humping you this is oh my goodness oh yeah look this is all running. And running. And running. And I should be three of us. And we have one two three four photographers that you photos of us mad. I think we made it like kini moss. And whoever models they are like Miranda Kerr, I’m using having zero photographer yeah sending my tripod. And running. I know this is the Ventris format. And all six ones coming this photographer would have five many four five yeah photographers. So one two three four five taking photos of us. And one two three four. And millions like all the way in about is your exact button camera no Photoshop light through everything’s up here at the table form. And this just really yes you are deafening music this is awesome here oh well me groans reload time anyways don’t play the GoPro John oh my god we have this fire. And we’re getting ready to take some more photos. So David or not this was not set up by us the girls but the boys including boys team Boris yeah including the blanket. And the lights. And everything.

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