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Calgary Floods The Alberta Flood Effect On Real Estate ‚ Preliminary

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Google maps showing Farrow before it was burnt and bulldozed.

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Edmonton postal code map

Although this study is small, there were many controls for the social status of the groups and for the children’s behavior ratings, as they were done by teachers, not by social workers or parents, who might have been less objective. Support for the stressfulness of foster care with strangers comes from the fact that those children who go into foster homes of working-class and lower socioeconomicstatus families, which are more like the families children lived in before foster care, have greater success, perhaps because the child feels more familiar with the routines and values expressed there. Sadly, children in foster care are at increased risk for abuse. More reports of abuse are made about children in foster families than those in families in the general community, but the rate of substantiation is much lower for children in foster families. Existing studies indicate that, although the abuse rate may be higher in foster families than in community families, the rate is lower in foster families than is the rate of repeated abuse when children remain with biological parents.

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