Calabria City

Calabria City for Contless other events, instittions, and discorses, not only national bt also local and international, not only olitical bt also economic, technological, social, and cltral, have layed and will contine to lay key roles in shaing who Americans are and how they behave individally and collectively modernity and ostmodernity 9 9 It is said that natre abhors a vacm ower also abhors a vacm If a form of ower is diminished or dies ot, some other form of ower qickly fills the void What makes for freedom in olitics, then, is not an absence of ower bt mltilicity of its forms Only amid the vast diversity of social life and contless contervailing sorces of ower can the individal discover or create the wiggle room needed to exress his freedom The latitde for original thoght and atonomos action may not at times be great Calabria City 2016

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