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Cairo Metro Map on Instead, a temporary speculative bubble emerged that conveyed a false impression of continued prosperity but resulted only in lowering the morale of the working Japanese. The systemic crisis and challenges for the 21st century. On the last day of trading in 1989 the stock price index (NIKKEI) at the Tokyo stock exchange reached its all-time peak of 38,916 yen. (Thirteen years after that, on the last day of trading in 2002, it was down 78 percent at 8,579 yen). In the next year the bubble burst, leading to the most protracted depression in the history of the Japanese economy, with the real growth rate averaging a meager 1.4 percent over the lost decade of the 1990s. The burst of the bubble and the resulting economic slump exposed problems in Japanese capitalism that had not been apparent until the economy stumbled. Cairo Metro Map 2016.

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