Cafe Emm hearty international fodder

17 Frith Street, W1 020 7437 0723 It’s hard to beat Cafe Emm for value, atmosphere and good, filling grub. Dishes include cajun potato skins, deep-fried brie, hearty lamb shanks, calamari, pecan pie and tiramisu, and all come in huge portions, served up by smiling staff in a fun environment.

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Few parents have heard the names of Diana Baumrind or Gerald Patterson; yet their research work, carried out over decades, has provided a solid base of empirical evidence for experts who believe that love, nurturance, and understanding must be combined with firm, consistent limits if children are to flourish. Baumrind identified three patterns of parental behaviors associated with varying levels of preschool children’s competence: authoritative, authoritarian, and permissive. In all age groups, in all ethnic groups in this country, in all types of family structure, authoritative parenting has had positive benefits for children. Authoritative parents exercised firm control over the child’s behavior but also emphasized independence and individuality in the child. Although the parents had a clear notion of present and future standards of behavior for the child, they were rational, flexible, and attentive to the needs and preferences of the child.

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