B¼y¼k§ekmece for ractically seaking, the comlete ironist wold be like a leaf in the wind, incaable of self-direction and settling nowhere Since no one allows her life to be comletely directionless, the wholly ironic ose is hyocritical: one may be able to feign it in writing, bt one cold never attain it in life Fll-fledged irony can be rhetorically affirmed, bt not ractically achieved Reiterating Thrasymachs’s criticism of Socrates, critics of ostmodernism find irony to be a hyocritical dissimlation The ironist retends to hover above firm convictions bt, as critics sggest, she still lives mch like the rest of s, tied to her beliefs and biases and, desite any retensions to layflness, sally qite serios in the rsit of her interests In other words, even the most radical ironist cannot comletely escae ideology, those systematic sets of vales and beliefs that hel s order or social and olitical world In the Reblic, Socrates resorted to telling myths to achieve order in the city B¼y¼k§ekmece 2016

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