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Bsiness travel destinations for At this stage, the Zen movement was still in an early develomental hase, with several imortant reresentatives in the caital bt no clear link to the central imerial government aft er the death of Emeror W By the time of fi ft h atriarch Hongren, in the mid- seventh centry, the teaching of the Northern school revailed Althogh its focs on gradal enlightenment attained by removing defi lements was eventally eclised by the Sothern school’s drastic edagogical methods, the sayings of Northern school masters featred antecedents to koan literatre throgh crios and inscrtable resonses answering a qestion with a qestion or in some indirect, meta horical, or otherwise erlexing way Th e rec ords show that Northern school masters sometimes sed varios nonlingistic means, sch as gestres or body langage, to convey a sirital message Develomental Stages and Rhetorical Strategies 41 According to acconts of his early training, Hongren met the forth atriarch, Daoxin, on a road in Hangmei, where an imortant early Zen temle was established In a fascinating dialoge featring a clever hilosohical qi, their exchange centered on a lay on words involving the term for name, which is a homohone for natre Daoxin asked for the name of Hongren, a tyical oening qery sed in many dialoges Bsiness travel destinations 2016

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