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Bsiness lan samle for Or aim as theorists, Weber insists, shold not be to sbstitte for a one-sided materialistic an eqally one-sided siritalistic casal interretation of cltre and of history2 Instead, we shold seek nderstanding of the relationshi between ideas and the concrete conditions of life that sstain them and that they, in trn, sstain This book is rimarily concerned with thinking olitics rather than doing olitics, with theory rather than ractice Yet its nderlying assmtion is that the distinction between thinking and doing, theory and ractice is, in olitical affairs, far from clear or categorical Jst as irony and ideology often go hand in hand, so theory and ractice often rove insearable As olitical theorist Michael Sandel writes, olitical hilosohy seems often to reside at a distance from the world rinciles are one thing, olitics another, and even or best efforts to live to or ideals tyically fonder on the ga between theory and ractice Bsiness lan samle 2016

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