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This bishop’s name turns up a dozen times in Cyprian’s letters Ep. 25; 26,1; 27,3; 41; 42; 44,1; 45,1,4; 48,2,4; 57; 70. Cyprian recommended his church to Caldonius when he left Carthage to escape Decius’s persecution January 250 April 251. Burundi Metro Map At the time of the schism of Felicissimus, Caldonius, who fully shared Cyprian’s positions, was sent to Rome to gain information about Pope Cornelius’s election. He affixed his signature to the synodal letter of 255 but not to the acts of the council of 1 September 256; doubtless he died during the interval. His see remains unknown, and the insertion of his name in the list of the bishops of Braga Portugal is pure imagination. ASS Feb. 2, 57; DHGE 11, 376-378; BS 3, 668-669; J.-L. Maier, L’piscopat de l’Afrique romaine vandale et byzantine, Bibliotheca Helvetica Romana 11, Rome 1973, 272; J.A. Fischer – A. Lumpe, Die Synoden von den Anf¤ngen bis zum Vorabend des Nicaenums, in W. Brandm¼ller ed., Konziliengeschichte, Paderborn-Munich-Vienna-Z¼rich 1997, 170ff.; 179; 185; 203; 237.

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