Bursa for The Treaty of Versailles, named for the large palace in Paris in which the conference took place, was signed on June 28, 1919. However, the Republican-controlled Senate and Democratic President Wilson could not agree on terms, and the treaty was not ratified in the United States by seven votes. Wilson had been totally committed to the League of Nations established by the treaty and was devastated when it was defeated. He suffered a stroke, which virtually ended his political career, even though he technically completed his term. The League of Nations never became the reality Wilson envisioned. The Treaty of Versailles called for $33 million in Allied claims for reparation. Economist John Maynard KEYNES (1883 1946), a British representative to the conference in Versailles, argued unsuccessfully that it was an impossible requirement and contended that it would be far better to promote German production, rather than forcing Germany into a financial straightjacket (which most historians agree contributed to World War II). Bursa 2016.

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