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I ate in their restaurant at a table sporting a sign saying ‘Europeans only’. Segregated for my sake or theirs? Perhaps my table manners would offend the better class of Burmese. Nevertheless the meal was great and the waiter told me I was beautiful. He lied. I was a frazzled wreck.

The mist is on the rice fields

Back at my room I found I was locked out. The deadbolt on the door had dropped down on the other side and I couldn’t get in. Summoning help, two of the housemaids and I struggled with the recalcitrant lock for a while, then reinforcements in the shape of a workman with a box of tools were called in. We all watched him have no success. Another was summoned and the increasing throng watched him Two more maids joined us and then the manageress arrived. It was better attended and more entertaining than some stage shows I have been to.

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Half an hour later, after trying to break in through the windows and even the roof, another man arrived and simply unscrewed the bolt from its fixings and I was inside! One thing I knew for sure was that no one was going to sneak up on me unawares in the night when I had that bolt on.

The rain then recommenced and continued increasing until the downpour was so torrential I had no hope of getting out to a restaurant or even down to the hotel’s dining area. Instead I got out my emergency survival kit and made soup.

The day for my departure came and I left on the nine am bus. In the first village on our journey a woman boarded and the only spare seat was beside a monk. The bus conductor moved a man there and gave the woman his seat. It was unthinkable for a woman to sit next to a monk.

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