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After a quick wash I went in search of food. Downstairs behind the guesthouse was a large dining room with a limited menu written only in Burmese. But I was starving and indicated that I would eat anything on offer. What did come tasted rather good even though I had no idea what it was.

I was stumbling around getting ready for bed by torchlight when the lights blared on. What a shock. This place in the sticks had the best and the most lights of anywhere I had stayed in so far eight in all and only one not working. It was as dim as all get out in the bathroom though so it was morning before I got the full impact of it. By daylight it was a shock to the senses. There was a whacking great bathtub big enough to wash an elephant in painted in an overpowering bright royal blue, as were all the other fittings a shocking symphony in electrifying blue. I used the shower; that bath was far too intimidating.

After the included and adequate breakfast early the next morning I stood on my little balcony and watched the veggies being delivered. The seller arrived, a woman with a wide, flat basket of goodies on her head. The cook joined her and they both squatted on their haunches to discuss and decide.

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Despite its difficult-to-access position, or because of it, it was lovely here. As soon as you left the main road the surroundings became rural and rustic, shaded paths among a plethora of greenery. I went for a walk around the small dirt lanes. Not far away was a monastery. Now that we were halfway into Buddhist lent I noticed that more frequent chanting came from the monasteries. Soon it would be the full moon of Waso when the big festival of the Buddhist Rains Retreat is held.

The only drawback to this idyllic place was that it was not near any transport. I wasn’t going to subject a trishaw rider to another of those gruelling journeys out here, so transport had to be called for by the hotel staff. Due to a communication problem, the tuk tuk I requested turned out to be my friend and his motorbike again.

I wanted to visit the Golden Rock and had tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a ride there through the hotel. Friend took me, an unwilling pillion passenger on his motorbike, to the taxi drivers in the town. This was a failed enterprise as they all said that they couldn’t go up there in the current weather.

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