Burhaniye for g., when considering the effect of a change in investment or government expenditure on real GDP). national debt: the sum of all of a nation’s previous budget deficits. This sum represents the total amount owed by the nation’s government. natural monopoly: a monopoly with significant economies of scale (i.e., decreasing average costs) through some relevant range of market demand. Burhaniye 2016.

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When caregivers react positively to babies bids for attention, babies have a greater sense of control over events. Ten to fifteen months: babies become increasingly differentiated from caregivers and find a greater sense of themselves as agents who make things happen. Although attached to parents, they move off, using parents as secure bases for exploration in the world. Fifteen to eighteen months: me-self develops. Toddlers begin to internalize how others respond to them that is, they start to react to themselves as others do.

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