Bullel Near Millau in France

This summer, as usual, holiday traffic on the Route National 9 will be snarled up in Millau, a notorious bottleneck between Paris and the Mediterranean coast. But from December, vehicles will fly past the town, 245 metres above the ground

on the highest section of the new viaduct across the Tarn Valley. The 2.4km span will bridge a gap in the existing A75 Paris-Barcelona motorway, avoiding the need for traffic to use the old road through Millau. Construction of the

viaduct began from both the north and south, the two sides meeting in June when the void between them (just visible above the river) was filled. The roadway sits on pillars taller than the tower at London’s Canary Wharf, making it

the world’s highest bridge. Designed by Foster and Partners and being built at a cost of ‚320 million, the Millau viaduct is expected to carry 25,000 vehicles per day next summer. It is due to open immediately before Christmas.

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