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Buenos Aires for The emerging role of these behaviours in the development of some cancers see Chapter reinforced the need to promote healthy lifestyles, and was accompanied by an increasing emphasis on encouraging safer sex behaviour following the emergence of HIV infection and AIDS. Biomedical advances have also contributed to the type of preventive services now provided by many health-care services. The ability to identify people at risk of a number of cancers and CHD as a consequence of their genetic make-up has led to programmes designed to identify whether individuals carry the genes that result in increased risk of these diseases, although how that risk is managed once identified is perhaps less clear. Two broad approaches to facilitating risk factor change can be identified. The first assumes that if we inform people of their risk for certain diseases, this will result in them engaging in long-term preventive behaviour. This model has resulted in screening programmes for risk factors for diseases such as CHD being established throughout the world. More recently, more complex behaviour change technologies have been used to facilitate behavioural change. Buenos Aires 2016.

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