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Buenos Aires Subway Map on Lee Butcher, Accidental Millionaire: The Rise and Fall of Steve Jobs at Apple Computer (Paragon, 1988); Alan Deutschman, The Second Coming of Steve Jobs (Broadway, 2000); Scott Rosenberg, Machine Dreams (Salon Media Group, 2001); Randall Stross, Steve Jobs and the NeXT Big Thing (Macmillan, 1993). CHARLES ROBINSON, PH.D. BRANDEIS UNIVERSITY Johnson, Andrew (180875) THE 17TH PRESIDENT of the UNITED STATES, Andrew Johnson, was born in Raleigh, North Carolina. His father died when Johnson was three years old. Johnson became a tailor’s apprentice at 14; he never attended school but taught himself to read and write. At age 18, Johnson headed west, setting up a tailor shop in Greenville, Tennessee, where he became inspired by Jacksonian Democracy. Buenos Aires Subway Map 2016.

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