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Buenos Aires Metro Map on Managed care is a popular solution to the information asymmetries and other market failures inherent in health markets. A managed-care organization (e.g., a health-maintenance organization) regulates the relationship between health-care providers and the insured, either by setting conditions under which services will be covered, limiting access of the insured to a set of providers, or creating financial incentives for providers to act in a manner that minimizes long-term costs. Managed care has spread rapidly in the United States since the early 1980s; today the vast majority of Americans with health insurance are enrolled in a managed- care plan. While managed care developed in the private insurance markets of the United States, the public health insurance programs of other developed countries have adopted methods of managed care. From the perspective of the insured, managed care can be less attractive because it tends to limit the choice of providers. Buenos Aires Metro Map 2016.

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