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Budget travel destinations on Liberal thinkers generally embraced the opportunities for social and cultural change suggested by the new philosophies of the 19th and early 20th centuries. The social and behavioral sciences became important professional fields for those who sought ways to reform social structures, institutions, and human behavior. The challenges of the Industrial Revolutionsuch as the increasing poverty; class disparity between bourgeosie and proletariat; and urban crowding, crime, and pollution were treated as challenges incumbent upon the process and progress of modernization. Socialists such as Sidney and Beatrice Webb, Progressives such as Jane Addams and Woodrow WILSON, and humanists such as Bertrand Russell and John Dewey, embraced new ideas and their implications for society. Naturalism, the philosophy inspired by Charles Darwin; behaviorism, inspired by Sigmund Freud; materialism, the product of Karl Marx; relativism, the offshoot of the theories of Albert Einstein; existentialism, the vague catalog of ideas identified with Soren Kierkegaard and Friedrich Nietzsche; and the dada 490 liberalism movement and other such nihilist philosophies, tended toward the aim of the common good, social justice, free will and freedom, a rejection of traditional ideas and assumptions, and the value of diverse, open societies. Political liberalism. Politics and economic policies reflected the changes in modern society. Budget travel destinations 2016.

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