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Dionysius’s work was of decisive importance for the history of the canonical collections. He gathered into well-ordered collections the legislative texts originating from the different churches of Christendom Eastern and African councils; decretals, from Siricius to Anastasius II, interesting for universal law. Thanks to the prefaces to his canonical collections, we know that Dionysius left three redactions of his conciliar canons and one collection of decretals Maassen 422ff.. Budapest Map In 774 Pope Hadrian gave Charlemagne a copious recension of the Dionysiana and the Hadriana the Dionysio-Hadriana, thus ensuring an extraordinary circulation for the Roman canonist’s work. Following the agitation over the election of Pope Symmachus 498, several minor canonical collections were issued in Italy. They seem to have been composed by Roman clerics who, in one way or another, took part in those debates, well described by the Symmachian apocrypha. Among the most characteristic, we may cite that of St. Biagius, that of the Vatican, and the supplement to the Dionysiana Maassen 445ff.; 504-526; to these we owe the formulation of the principle: Prima sedes non iudicabitur a quoquam.

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