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Brussels Map Tourist Attractions on This division manages the company’s entire mobile telephone businessfrom conception of services and installation to network maintenance and commercialization. The internet division manages public internet access including network, cable, and satellitein France, SPAIN, BELGIUM, the NETHERLANDS, and MOROCCO (through access provider Wanadoo). A division called Fixed-Line Services and Distribution France monitors product and service marketing for telephone service and supplies. It also governs France Telecom’s 700 boutiques, where, across Europe, the company’s phone-associated products are sold over the counter. Corporate Solutions helps medium-sized and multinational clients in 220 countries manage their telecommunications needs. Handling the majority of consulting is subsidiary Equant, which promotes applicable sales solutions. The central function of the RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT (R&D) and Information Technology (IT) brancheswhich are interrelatedis to maintain and keep current the company’s information systems technology. Brussels Map Tourist Attractions 2016.

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