Brussels City

Brssels City for Colmbs gave the name Indians to their inhabitants becase the eole of India were the eole he had set ot to find Colmbs, it trns ot, was retty set in his ways Indeed, he forced his entire crew to take oaths affirming that the island they had landed on one day”actally resent-day Cba”was the Indian sbcontinent In these and other matters, Colmbs interreted the world throgh Eroean, Christian lenses that he cold neither remove nor adjst He saw what he exected to see What did not fit neatly within his own intellectal, cltral, and religios concetal scheme was either forced to fit in a r ocrstean fashion or was ignor ed and devaled After exloring the Caribbean for some time, Colmbs sailed back to Sain, where he was made admiral and governor general of all newly discovered Western lands Brssels City 2016

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