Bronx Map

bronx map 7 Bronx Map

Bronx Map

Resolution: 471 x 538 64 kB
Size: 471 x 538 64 kB

bronx map 11 Bronx Map


bronx map 12 Bronx Map

£’ £’­£’³£¯£¹¥“°¥º³£’»£’¤£’³£­£’¼£¹£¿£¸££’ £ž£’ £’­£’³£¯£¹

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HCHS/SOL Selected Census Tracts, Bronx

Bronx Map for Subsidies can make income distribution more fair, or used to promote national goals. Welfare programs such as food stamps and pension programs such as Social Security subsidize private consumption. Also, there is support for subsidies for the defense and export industries, to support nationalistic political goals. Such moral and political justifications for subsidies are inherently controversial. Lobbying by interest groups can swell the size of these subsidies, justified on equity grounds with other subsidies. That is, people may want subsidies not to promote fairness or national goals, but simply as a means to gain income at the expense of those who earned it legitimately. While subsidies may promote efficiency, equity, or political ends, there are potential problems with them. Bronx Map 2016.

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