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LANGUAGE After two wars shared by the French with G.I.‚„s and ‚“Tommies,‚ almost every Frenchman not only can understand English but can now even understand an American trying to speak French.

LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING . Laundry is touch and go. In some hotels it‚„s fine, in others it‚„s very bad. In large hotels you can get your clothes cleaned in 48 hours.

LIQUOR French wines, champagnes and brandies have no peer in the world. Liquor is now taxed in France, so drinks run higher than they used to. Whisky is rather expensive. Brandy is really the national drink, but you can name your brand only in the best restaurants. But even the ‚“bar brandy‚ in other spots is better than you often get at home. Vouvray and Mousseux are similar to Champagne, but cheaper. The Champagne name, of course, is patented and is applied only to wines from a certain district, just as Cognac applies only to the Cognac district. Best try a few wines and brandies and liqueurs for yourself and make up your own mind.

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