Written ca. 600 by an anonymous author and based on the ancient Byzantine or Apostolic Catalogues, the Breviarium Apostolorum, which was often appended to the Martyrologies, tells of the apostles, from the etymology of their names to their death and burial, focusing on the missions of Peter and Paul at Rome, James in Spain, Philip in Gaul and Matthew in Macedonia. Moreover, as the oldest evidence of the preaching of James on the Iberian Peninsula, the Breviarium Apostolorum, besides being the principal source of the De ortu et obitu patrum of Isidore of Seville ca. 560 636, is a document of extraordinary importance for Spanish ecclesiastical history. L. Duchesne, Les anciens recueils de lgendes apostoliques: III Congr¨s Scientifique International des Catholiques 1894, V sect., 67-79; Martyrologium Hieronymianum, eds. G.B. De Rossi – L. Duchesne, Brussels 1894, LXXV-LXXXI; B. de Gaiffier, Le Breviarium Apostolorum: AB 81 1963 89-116.


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