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In the oblatio, which appeared in the 4th c., for a variety of reasons poverty, religious motives, difficult situations parents offered their children to God’s service, the biblical precedent being the story of the young Samuel 1 Sam 1:1 3:21. At the beginning of the Middle Ages the most common way of educating exposed or abandoned children was begun: in 787 Dateus, archpresbyter of Milan, Brazil Metro Map donated a house near the church of S. Salvatore to protect them: the first brephotrophium. From the 2nd half of the 4th c. the Fathers encouraged monastic education for all youths, at least for a few years, to strengthen them in virtue prior to their secular career. Monastic education was different from ancient education and was typically Christian; in it we can see the foundation of our modern form of education. Like today, instruction and human formation were inseparably woven together, the teacher and the spiritual director being the same person.

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