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Bibliography Aquileia: Chromatius. V. Cian, La catechesi aquileiese nel IV secolo, Trieste 1993. Chromatius was an eminent representative of catechesis at Aquileia bishop 388 4078; for his Sermons and Treatises, see Lat. text, tr., ed. G. Banterle, Bibl. Ambr., Milan 1989, 1991; S. Tavano: RAC Suppl. 1, 542-544; S. Dpp, Brazil Map Tourist Attractions art. Italia II: RAC 18, 1329-1330; D. Gorgnali, Il mistero pasquale in Cr. d’Aq., Udine 1979; G. Trettel, Mysterium e sacramentum in s. Cr., Trieste 1979; C. Truzzi, op. cit.; M.V. Pasian, Il cristiano secondo Cr. d’Aq., Udine 2000; G. Trettel, Linee di ecclesiologia nel pensiero di Cr. d’Aq.: Historiam perscrutari 673- 687. Among the homilies CCL 9A, 3-182 of Ambrose’s friend, besides some for the community with baptismal and Easter themes Serm. 34 Epiphany and 16-17A Easter homilies, mixed in here and there is catechesis for catechumens Serm. 15 on Jn 13, competentes Serm. 18 on Jn 3; Serm. 40 expos. orat. dominicae; cf. Katechese: RAC 20, 481 and neophytes Serm. 14 on Jn 5; cf. Serm. 50A: RevBnd. 91 1981 225-230: present. and text. The conflict with pagans and Jews is lively extremely harsh against the latter S. Tavano, 542-543, the language vivid, direct and rich with figures. Exegesis of the biblical texts is secundum litteram Serm. 1,1; 15,2; 29,3, as well as iuxta allegoricum sensum Serm. 1,1; cf. 11,2; 12,4; 24,3. The baptismal theology is traditional: ablutio peccatorum nostrorum et renovatio vitae salutaris the washing away of sins and the renovation of the life of salvation 12,40. After baptism the baptized must preserve baptismal grace servare gratiam baptismi Serm. 14,4; 19,2, letting himself be transformed by the grace of Christ: de immundo mundus, de profano fidelis, de impudico castus, de haeretico catholicus from worldly to unwordly, from unfaithful to faithful, from unchaste to chaste, from heretic to Catholic Serm. 2,5 Chr. of Aq., Catechesi al popolo. Sermoni, ed. G. Cuscito, Rome 1979.

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