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In the first Notitia episcopatuum, that of ps.- Epiphanius 7th c., Bithynia was divided into three ecclesiastical provinces, listed in seventh, eighth and ninth place in the Taxis. The first had Nicomedia as metropolis, with eight suffragans; the second, Nicaea, with three suffragans; the third, Chalcedon, with none Darrouz¨s 204, 208; Pontus was divided in two: Helenopontus with its metropolis Amasea, and Pontus Polemoniacus with its metropolis Neocaesarea, with five suffragans including Trebizond ibid., 204-205; 209. Monasticism developed admirably in Bithynia in the diocese of Chalcedon alone, 40 hegumens signed the Synod of Constantinople of 536: Mansi, VIII, 1013-1081, esp. in Olympus, and in Pontus in the region of Trebizond. Altogether there were ca. 150 church buildings and more than 250 monasteries OCP XXXI 1975 319, mostly from the patristic era, dominated by the Saccudion St. Plato and St. Theodore the Studite and by the monastic federation of Altroa St. Peter. DHGE IX, 20-27, cf. IV, 968-988; DB V, 538-542; EC II, 1681- 1682; ODB 1,292; 3,1697; R. Janin, Les ‰glises et les monast¨res des grands centres byzantins Bithynie,  Trbizonde , Paris 1975; J. Darrouz¨s, Notitiae episcopatuum Ecclesiae Constantinopolitanae, Paris 1981.

The most famous of the martyrs of Lyons of 177. In her, Christ showed that what to human eyes is without beauty, form or value is in God’s eyes worthy of great glory, for the love its bears him Eus., HE V, 1,17. Bound to a stake as to a cross, to her companions in martyrdom she appeared to be the very image of Christ ibid., 41, because she had put on the garments of the great and unconquered athlete, Christ ibid., 42. She died after sending all of her companions ahead of her to God, and went to martyrdom as to a wedding feast ibid., 55; the pagans themselves admitted that never among them had a woman borne so many and such harsh torments ibid., 56. Feast 2 June, with the other martyrs of Lyons.

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