Succeeded Sabinian after a year of the see being vacant, because of the interference and vetoes of the emperor Phocas. Boniface was bishop of Rome for less than nine months, from February to November 607. We know little of his pontificate; he convened a council at Rome to decree that the successor to a pope or a bishop could in no way be designated while they were still alive. Like his predecessor Boniface, he had also been apocrisarius at Constantinople during the pontificate of Gregory the Great, who held him in very high regard. In that capacity he obtained from Phocas the emanation of an edict recognizing the primacy of the Roman see vis- -vis all of the other churches, including that of Constantinople LP I, 316. LP I, 316; Hfl-Lecl 3, 247; H. Grisar, Geschichte Roms und der P¤pste im Mittelalter, I, Freiburg i.B. 1901, 201; E. Caspar, Geschichte des Papsttums, II, T¼bingen 1933, 517-518; A. Saba, Storia dei Papi, I, Turin 1939, 235-237; O. Bertolini, Roma di fronte a Bisanzio e ai Longobardi, Bologna 1941, 290-291, 300 and 309; DHGE 9, 898 G. Bardy; LTK 2, 578-579 H. Zimmermann; EPapi I, 577-579 P. Bertolini.

BONIFACE III Photo Gallery

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