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On 15 May 252, a council of 42 bishops met at Carthage under Cyprian. Its synodal letter confirmed the pardon of lapsi who had done penance but banned them from future admission to the priesthood. Bogota Metro Map In 253, a council of 66 bishops from Africa and Numidia criticized Bishop Terapius of Bulla for admitting the priest Victor to communion too soon, without having first imposed the penance he deserved, but it did not annul the reconciliation. It approved the custom of baptizing newborns without waiting for the eighth day and sent a letter Ep. 64 59 congratulating Pope Lucius on his return from exile. The council of 254 counted 37 bishops from Proconsular Africa. Its synodal Ep. 67 68 approved the deposition of the renegade Spanish bishops Martial of Mrida Emerita and Basilides of Lon and Astorga Legio-Asturica, and the election of their successors. It also rebuked Pope Stephen, who had been taken in by these two prelates. The council of autumn 255, with 31 Proconsular bishops, replied unanimously to a question from 18 Numidian bishops that they should maintain the African tradition of rebaptizing heretics, because no one can be baptized outside the church, since there is only one baptism and this is in the church Ep. 70.


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