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catch it everywhere they can, which leads to an increase in advertising expenses. How can they keep this effect, the effect to speed up the pace of shopping?

Standing up against the feeling of insecurity through pleasure and enthusiasm

The marketing strategy experts could not understand the level of danger of the consumers’ mistrust and the crises of lack of attaching meaning.

When there is more pleasure in life, one can fight better against the jeopardy of insecurity. That is what they try to achieve. Increase the means of get ting pleasure out of life. Many advertising campaigns shoot for commercials that lead people to be more openhearted. Their target audience must forget about real life, and then the greedier, the happier they are. A commercial that reminds one of pleasure creates a positive atmosphere for a short period of time. But it also gives the feeling of being used. Consumers reveal their emotions, feeling as if they are some kind of furniture. Consumers are taking the place of culture where their emotions are taken out like goods and are put into auction. Emotions will be experienced temporarily in intervals, they will never last long.

Bogot Location Guide

Bogot Location Guide

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