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Skilled designers at Boda have made Swedish glass world famous over the years. Kjell Engman is taking this tradition further, here with a piece made in 2003

SmSland. Road 33/34. Igfl 3,000. 0 ISB Vastra Tullportsgatan 3, 0492-310 10. Stora Tabberaset local festival (first weekend in Aug), Holiday Race (2nd week in Jul).

The small town of Vimmerby began as a marketplace on the King’s Road between Stockholm and Kalmar. It was strategically important and constantly fought over by the Danes, who burned it to the ground on many occasions. Few old buildings remain, but along Storgatan there is the austere Neo-Classical-style Radhuset (Town Hall) from the 1820s. Like the houses of Tenngjutar-garden and Grankvistgarden, it is one of Vimmerby’s historical monuments.

For many years Vimmerby has been associated with Astrid Lindgren (seep87), who was born in Nas and set many of her popular children’s books in this area. All her beloved characters can be encountered in Astrid Lindgrens Varld (Astrid Lindgren’s World). The park also includes the Astrid Lindgren Centre with an exhibition about the author.

Environs: Norra Kvill National Park. 20 km (12 miles) northwest of Vimmerby, is an area of virgin forest in the highlands of Smaland containing pine trees over 350 years old. The park slopes down to a small lake, Stora Idegolen, with waterlilies and bogbean.

STRATEGICALLY SITED at the mouth of Gamlebyviken Bay, Vastervik was the subject of frequent Danish attacks, despite protection from the once mighty fortress of Stegeholm. The last attack in 1677 destroyed the town. Rebuilt, it became a major seafaring centre. The area known as Gamla Norr contains the oldest preserved houses in Vastervik, including Aspagarden and the former poor-house, Cederflychtska Huset. Kulbackens Museum outlines the history of the town. Part of the museum is in the open air with animals and traditional buildings. The railway line was closed in 1984, but train enthusiasts have reopened the 70-km (43-mile) stretch from Vastervik to Hultfred, to preserve it as part of Sweden’s industrial heritage.

The annual Folk Festival first took place in 1966 and has since grown to become a major event. It is held in the ruins of Stegeholm fortress.

Lunds By, just outside Vastervik, is the oldest and best preserved village in the region, comprising eight small red cottages around a square. This charming place was chosen as a location to film Astrid Lindgren’s book The Bullerby Children.

Environs: Stensjo By is a cultural museum showing how a village looked in the 18th century, with meadows, arable land and animals. Just under 40 km (25 miles) west of Oskarshamn at Hogsby there is the Aboda KUnt nature reserve and a permanent exhibition about film star Greta Garbo, whose mother came from here. Children and adults enjoy the toy museum, Nostalgia, in Fagelfors, where visitors can see but not touch

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