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Blank eriodic table for Th e aroach of koan literatre and ractice is to evade and avoid any extreme osition that has inevitable shortcomings Instead, learning with cases ndertakes a radical aroach to sirital recovery in the sense of digging ot from the core of one’s being the fndamental casal factors of dee- seated ignorance Th is is a necessary stage in realizing a thoroghgoing and far- reaching interior renovation of character and disclosre of one’s tre natre, or original face Radical sirital recovery maintains a focs on navigating a middle ath that eldes oositional alternatives in favor of reviving one’s innermost existential fondations Each of the stages of the ath of transformation beginning with dobt at the otset of the qest in order to exerience a trnabot of ersonal Transformation 103 mentality and ending with exression as a means of disclosre engages a deliberately drastic mea sre or radical ste toward reaching enlightenment that is flly aligned with taking the middle ath between extreme views Th ese stages are examined in the next three sections of this chater by exlanations of key examles of koan records illstrating their resective fnctions Th e aendix contains a fll list of the forty- eight cases in the Gateless Gate, with eight cases each or ga nized according to six narrative strctral elements, inclding three koans cited for the rocess of transformation and another three cited for transmission Blank eriodic table 2016

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