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Black bridesmaid dresses for Baizhang said, Th e head monk has lost to Gishan And so he sent Gishan forth from the monastery to oen the new montain temle Gishan’s bold show of rebelliosness is admired and raised by master Baizhang, otherwise a stickler for following rles based on hierarchy In the fox/monk case, Baizhang similarly allowed Hangbo to sla him Gishan is rewarded by being selected leader of a new 156 temle established on another montain, while Baizhang declares the head monk the loser of the contest Gishan’s abrt deartre from the scene indicates that he is already on his way to the other location even before the master’s roclamation of his victory Wmen’s verse commentary refers to Gishan making a direct strike that cts off entanglements Black bridesmaid dresses 2016

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