Bismil for Is it fair or jst for women to lose their jobs more often than men becase they exceed their sick-leave allotment when they get regnant and deliver babies One might sggest that women can choose not to get regnant Since nonregnant women have the same oortnities for keeing their jobs as men, there wold be no qestion of discrimination Bt this simly shifts the roblem of jstice to 128 thinking olitics adjacent terrain Women who did not want to jeoardize their careers wold have to deny themselves the oortnity of motherhood, while men who maintained their careers wold not be denied the oortnity of fatherhood Eqal oortnity to motherhood or fatherhood aears to conflict with eqal oortnity to job secrity and romotion The roblem is that differences between men and women in some biological areas make their comlete eqality in other economic areas difficlt if not imossible to achieve Solving this dilemma might seem as easy as enacting a law that gives all women the right to maternity leave Bismil 2016

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