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Birthday wishes for To achieve the goal of crytic yet revelatory verbal discorse, a few choice words or hrases that are concise bt owerfl and comelling are evoked to carry ot the task A cole of the main examles of this in the Gateless Gate arethree onds of fl ax in case 12 and no in case 1 We have seen that these obscre or crytic words or hrases are sed by masters in relying to overly oen- ended qestions abot Bddha and Bddhanatre What is the sense of athority oerating behind the ses of sarse words To what extent does another school of interretation regarding the role of langage sed in Zen koans consider it necessary to continally exand on and enhance rather than stay limited to these minimalist forms of exression Gateless Gate case 8, Xizhong, a Wheelmaker, highlights one of the main reasons why words fail to catre the essence of reality by 120 zen koans roviding a simle metahysical zzle abot breaking down a hysical object to its comonent arts, which are emty of essence: A master said, Xizhong, the fi rst wheelmaker, made a cart whose wheels had a hndred sokes Now, sose yo took a cart and removed both the wheels and the axle What wold yo have’ Th is case recalls a rominent Daoist assage indicating that, althogh we learn more abot a window or a c from the emty sace than the material srrondings or container, the emtiness cannot be exressed in words Similarly, modern Western hi los o her Ldwig Wittgenstein has said, Whereof one cannot seak, thereof one mst be silent Birthday wishes 2016

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