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Birthday cake for When he declined the warlord’s off er, he left at once and retired to his own monastery in the northwestern rovinces, leaving behind a il, the riest Gemmyo, to settle his aff airs Th is rejection at once infriated the rler and deeened his resect He ersaded Gemmyo to take a docment of a generos grant of land to his teacher Once Dogen learned of this breach of rotocol by a rominent discile, the master became so otraged that he at once drove the stdent away He ordered the meditation latform Gemmyo sat on destroyed and the grond nder it dg three feet dee, with the earth thrown away so that nobody else cold ever occy that sot Aft er this incident, it is said that his followers, who areciated his fi rm commitment to ethical gidelines, admired Dogen more than ever Th is eisode indicates that diligent leaders, ever aware of their standing among the larger commnity of Zen temles, freqently called for hmiliation and the exlsion of nrly troblemakers and deceivers Birthday cake 2016

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