Biblical Map

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Map of Division of Land to the Twelve Tribes of Israel

Resolution: 574 x 1002 110 kB
Size: 574 x 1002 110 kB

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The women who changed Jewish History, taking us out of the downward

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Bible family tree, that‚„s the tree for me APR 01 2002

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World History I Map Page

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Proposed Biblical Model for Racial Origins

More than a third had no high school diploma the comparable figure for the national sample was percent and they were more likely to be unemployed, pregnant, unable to pay rent, and sometimes hungry and homeless. Those who remained in foster care beyond their eighteenth birthdays were more likely to be in school or a training program to prepare for the future. It is important to point out that the appropriate comparison group may not be a broad national sample of same-aged youths but a sample of poorer youths who have known many difficulties as well, or a group of children who were maltreated Travel Parenting in Challenging Times and did not go to foster care, as in the Minnesota study. The children exiting foster care have suffered many negative experiences, including poverty and traumatic events of abuse. Studies of mistreated children suggest that they had many emotional problems when they entered foster care, and even with counseling, it has not remedied them.

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