Beyoncé Special Villa Emerald, Ponta dos Ganchos, BRAZILA


Special Villa Emerald, Ponta dos Ganchos,


A fırm favourite among in-the-know Brazilians, this is the place that glamour girl Beyoncé (we want her life!) chooses to de-stress. Tere are 25 bungalow suites along a stretch of sparkling ocean of the rainforest coast of southern Brazil, each with its own private peninsula.

Beyoncé Special Villa Emerald, Ponta dos Ganchos, BRAZILA Photo Gallery

Mrs Carter is believed to have stayed in the 300sq m Special Villa Emerald. Tis über-luxurious suite has its own sauna, private ftness centre, infnity pool and even a fully stocked wine cellar. But all the villas are stunning and massive, too – the smallest is more than 80sq m. Each is total pared-back luxury, with its own deck and plunge pool, while the bathrooms are packed with locally sourced organic products. Take the chill-out vibe even further with a couple’s massage at one of the Christian Dior spacabins.

However, the secluded location doesn’t mean you have to be quiet – Ponta dos Ganchos comes with its own cinema, DVD library and games room, and the bar and restaurant are great fun, too. To prove just how relaxed this place is, breakfast is served all day (and it includes doughnuts – we’re sold!) and there are no set times for dinner; they just stay open until the last guest leaves. Afer sampling the hotel’s delicious barbecued fresh fsh and draining the last of your caipirinha, fall into a seriously comfy bed with 300-thread linen sheets and doze of to the sound of the waves crashing outside.

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