I love starting my day outside. So pretty wow what a beautiful morning look at this beautiful sky and this is where. I bought my dress for Cuba but this is a different color of the very same dress. I don’t know if you remember my Cuban post but that’s where. I got it right here Hermosa Beach and this is where. I just posted a photo recently the other day and, I was like ‘Oh, Ilove the pastels, this is the store right here See, you’re getting to know Hermosa with me more. And that doggie there is Peanut’s new girlfriend’s they just sniffed each other and they really liked each other Oh, look how pretty. We’re on Sunset Blvd, I’m trying to see if you can see a sign somewhere probably not. And we’re going to film some post that Michael had in mind that we can incorporate with my Cuba footage. So you can see it soon. very pretty here, I’m trying to see. oh – there you go – Sunset Blvd you can see now. Oh, I don’t like coming here it’s So hectic, So many cars, So much traffic, So busy and on top of that it’s just too loud and no beach, So, I’m not a big fan of Hollywood in general. I like coming here every now and then because it has the nicest restaurants but other than that. I do not miss it whatsoever. Oh look, how cool the building is. It’s perfect for Instagram. This is the gimbal that we sometimes use for GoPro, I’m not the biggest fan of GoPro but Michael loves it. and it’s a stabilizer that keeps it non-shaky. It’s very cool. We filmed our ‘Cuba’ post with just this little GoPro. I just got a message that one of my favorite bloggers Anna everywhere just included me in her ranking of the best Instagrams travel and lifestyle Instagrams out there So thank you Anna that’s such a nice thing, I like that, I’m a part of some sort of list. Makes me super happy. We’re filming and right behind me. I’ll show you in a second there is a Hollywood sign. I don’t know if you can see, I’m gonna zoom in in a second. It’s right behind me and we’re at this very cool building filming and maybe later later. I will take you this awesome vegan place in Beverly Hills that has like the best food in the world and, I’m sure you’ll love it. it’s So good! Oh, I can’t wait! Every time, I’m in that area. I definitely want to eat at this place, cause it’s awesome. Remember this shirt, I’m already wearing it, of course. I couldn’t wait! Look what’s there – Hollywood sign.


We’re passing my favorite restaurant In-N-Out Burger. No it’s not But it’s one of the best fast foods in the world. I used to live minutes from here, from Sunset Blvd First time when. I moved to LA. I walked my dog Holly;. I adopted a dog and, I named her Holly and, I lived in Hollywood that was years ago We’re passing the famous Chateau Marmont (& Beverly Hills Hotel) That looks Beverly Hills behind me Now we’re going to Rodeo Dr and I’ve been shooting my watch. Cluse watch. And I hope to post the photo soon and now, I’m hoping to shoot the shirt that, I’m working with as well. So it’s kinda of a work day about work. But I love getting sponsored post cause it actually motivates me to be creative and come up with something fun in my own city. Which is always fun. Look at my sunglasses! Il ove this! In Beverly Hills right now, Rodeo Drive. Busy!. But I like this lighting. Look! It’s just about to get dark and it’s like there’re already lights up. when the traffic in front of you give you the perfect lighting. So now we’re leaving Beverly Hills. But we could eat here, if we wanted to. I don’t know why we’re leaving. Well there’s this one place, my favorite vegan restaurant called Sage Bistro; and we haven’t been there since Michael’s birthday last year. Lat year we went for Michael’s birthday to that restaurant and Michael liked it even though he doesn’t like vegan food but he pretended that he liked it and now we’re going again because his birthday is in days, I’m. So excited. So we’re celebrating his birthday month, birthday week technically. It’s even more like the last days.

It’s So nice to be inside, it’s So cold. I was such a bad sport in Poland, I was really miserable. I was like: ‘I’m cold, I’m cold’ all the time, I’m cold in LA. So you can imagine. I was like the worst Polish person possible. I want to show you what, I’m wearing today. Black pants, this blush pink shirt with a choker. and a jacket. Some lipstick and ready for dinner, I’m in my favorite restaurant world and when you’re vegan and you go to a vegan restaurant, you’re like ‘I can eat everything on the menu!, I’m. So excited! oh, and a Margarita because it’s Friday night and, I’m half Mexican at heart. So you have a special menu today because of DineLA, it’s a restaurant celebration in LA think it’s twice a year or once a year And you get a set menu that’s actually cheaper that’s actually cheaper to order from this menu than to order form the main menu It’s a set of soup, entree and an appetizer and some extras. So I think. I’ll be taking the butternut squash ravioli or Brazilian bowl. gluten-free vegan gluten-free vegan, gluten-free vegan These sauces are like amazing and healthy butternut squash. See, it’s possible people.

We had to ask our server Noel not to box our main before it even came out. Because I knew that if it comes out. I’ll eat it and, I was already. So full after the appetizers. So we’re going straight to dessert cause we have no shame It’s Friday night. It’s sundae with coffee. I don’t like coffee ice cream, it’s all for Michael. That’s called self control. It’s actually a great lesson it should be a motivational. I don’t want a baby – No. I don’t want it, cause, I’m doing a lesson, I’m preaching right now to annoy everyone out there. But I find like – when it comes to self control when it comes dieting and, I was pounds heavier. I used to be a fatty and now, I’m not See – doesn’t doesn’t bother me at all doesn’t look interesting – for real! Because number one rule of self-control is to avoid situations when you’re forced to be faced with a dessert because you will always lose no matter how strong your self-control is. And number two – stop believing that eating dessert is good for you. I sit here and imagine how gross it feels and how bad. I’ll feel after eating it and it doesn’t excite me anymore, I’m like totally cool – me and dessert. Going home.

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