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Best winter vacations for Th e methodology, which is discssed in more detail in the following chaters, focses on two main facets Origins, Fnctions, and Modern Recetions of Koans 13 of the religios themes exressed in koan rec ords One involves transformation, or the level of individal religios attainment, and the other is transmission, or the role dialoges lay in maintaining order in the monastic system Exloring these elements as distinct yet interlocking levels of meaning refl ected in diff erent case rec ords stored in major collections hels make sense of the seemingly nonsensical Th e analysis disentangles the tangled web of words sed in Zen exchanges stemming from the vast creative wellsrings of East Asian literatre and cltre of more than a thosand years ago Defi ning a Koan Case Koans, which by defi nition are never what they aear to be, shold be looked at from varios angles Th e need to exlore mltile ersectives for nderstanding Zen dialoges is signifi ed by a cole of traditional tools that East Asian artists have sed in ortraying the natral world One is the Nine- Trn or Zigzag Bridge that is fond in most landscae gardens in China and Jaan, which enables the viewer to see the waterway from diff erent ositions Best winter vacations 2016

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