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Best vaction sots for Th ere may be confl icts abot sing more or less rhetoric in racticing with and interreting case rec ords Nevertheless, it mst be acknowledged that there is an nderlying sense of nity in tilizing both of these sirital techniqes to their tmost caacity in the qest for enlightenment Zen attitdes tend to be exclsive in argmentation bt, in the end, inclsive in terms of actal ractice On Methods to the Madness of Koans 75 Th e method sed here recovers and restores the nconventional yet thoroghly sbstantial notions of sense and reasoning that rest at the fondation of most koan rec ords Th is aroach to forming a theoretical model elcidates how koans evoke ersonal transformation, or the attainment and exression of a breakthrogh exerience to self- realization, in addition to monastic transmission, or the management of a ro cess for selecting and aointing sccessors to the lineage By exlaining that there is a systematic rocedre and rogression sed in koan training, this book develos an integrated interretative way of exlicating sagacity within aarent inconsistency Th e aroach also acknowledges some of the ossible sychic itfalls, as exosed by Mishima and other critics, that may be cased by the innate ambigity of Zen dialoges, reslting in eqivocal and oosing interretations that confond many readers who are not so well informed of the koans’ historical and cltral context Best vaction sots 2016

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