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Best vacations for Considering that the Magi interpreted what the Star did in the eastern sky as disclosing the birth of a great leader, it would obviously make most sense if the Star was within a zodiacal constellation/sign. Along these same lines, the discovery of the comet by the Magi the best part of a year, or more, before perihelion, when the comet would have been very dim, is slightly easier to explain if the comet irst appeared in an area of the sky in which the astrologers focused their observations namely, the zodiacal region. It is striking that the surviving Babylonian cometary records seem to relect a heavy bias toward comets that appeared in the zodiacal band they speciically mention comets in Scorpius [ BC , Taurus and Sagittarius [ BC , Libra [ BC , and Aries [ BC For these reasons, it seems very likely that the cometary Star of Bethlehem was narrowly inclined to the ecliptic, like the planets and most asteroids and Jupiter-family comets. Since we have already made the case for the comet having a long period, we can with some conidence identify it as one of a relatively small group of such comets that are narrowly inclined to the ecliptic. We can go further the comet was probably also retrograde. This is because the only way a narrowly inclined comet can switch rapidly from the eastern to the western sky some weeks after its perihelion/heliacal rising is if it is at that point cutting through the Earth-Sun line. Only a retrograde comet can do this. Best vacations 2016.

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