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Ambrose, like Chrysostom, presents the baptizand competentes, electi phase as an athletic contest De Hel. 21,79 CSEL 32, 2, 460: the athlete training, anointing with oil, suitable food, keeping chastity is the model for the competente. The foundation and aim of catechesis is: Every day we treated the issue of morality when we read the history of the patriarchs and the maxims of Proverbs so that, formed and instructed by them, Best vacations in the USA you would become accustomed to enter the way of the Fathers and follow the path in obedience to the divine precepts so that, renewed through baptism, you would lead the kind of life that befits those who have been purified Myst. I,19. Traces of these biblical readings are in the early medieval liturgical books of the Ambrosian rite Milanese J. Claire, Le rituel quadragsimal des catchum¨nes   Milan, in Rituels, festschr. P. Gy, Paris 1990, 131-151. Ambrose speaks of scrutinies scrutamina regarding bodily impurity, related to exorcism in view of the purification of body and soul Symb. 1 SC 25 bis, 46. On Palm Sunday in the basilica baptisterii, the traditio symboli took place along with the catechesis of the profession of faith O. Pasquato: RAC 20, 458-459; Ambrose does not mention the redditio symboli; the traditio e redditio of the Lord’s Prayer were not practiced. On the day of baptism he recalls the abrenuntiatio, preceded by the rite of the ephphatha Sacr. 1,2, to open the ears to hear the question and the mouth for the response.

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