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Best vacation spots for Indeed the Moon seems to be forming a footstool for her feet. Virgo, it would appear, is being exalted in glorious splendor. That she is seated is consistent with the fact that relatively little room is available for her legs above Virginis. Just as many in the ancient world envisioned Virgo as Queen Isis seated on her throne, so Revelation pictures Virgo as Queen Israel on her throne. It presents her in terms that anticipate her exaltation and sovereignty over the nations in the new age. Virgo was usually envisioned as having wings, as in Revelation However, she was not always represented as having them, particularly when she was conceived of as Isis as apparently, for example, on the Dendera Zodiac and at Esna, and indeed in Revelation she lacks wings up until verse As for the precise location of Virgo’s body relative to the stars of the constellation, the fact that in verse the Sun is clothing Virgo and the Moon is under her feet gives us a sense of the celestial position of Virgo’s throne in relation to the ixed stars and the ecliptic. Virgo rises with her crown up and her legs down, but she sets upside-down, with her crown or, if she is envisioned as having wings, the tip of her left wing [the star Zavijava being the irst part of her to disappear below the horizon. Best vacation spots 2016.

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