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Best vacation places for Jupiter in ? BC Over the last few decades a number of scholars, judging that Herod the Great actually died in BC rather than BC, have proposed that the mystery of the Star of Bethlehem may be explained with reference to celestial phenomena in the years and BC. Ernest L. Martin, in his book The Star of Bethlehem The Star That Astonished the World, pointed out that there was a triple occultation or obscuring of Regulus, the brightest star in Leo, by Jupiter in ? BC on September , BC; February , BC; and May /, BC. Regulus, to the ancient Babylonians, was The King LUGAL. According to Martin, it was also the Messiah’s Star, and the constellation in which it was found, Leo, was associated with Judah. No bright star is closer to the path of the Sun and Moon than Regulus, and so, naturally, it is occasionally occulted by planets such as Venus and Jupiter. However, Martin proposed that the triple occultation of Regulus in ? BC was especially susceptible to the interpretation that a moment of royal signiicance was about to dawn. Best vacation places 2016.

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