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Best vacation places in usa for What is described in verses ? is speciically placed on the eve of the birth of the child the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bring forth the child; v. b. That is, the dragon’s throwing of the stars to the earth and his aggressive standing in front of the woman must have been seen on the last predawn observing session before the coma-baby had descended to the point that it could be regarded as having been born. The focus in verses ? is not on Virgo but on a second constellation, one consisting of a great ire-colored dragon, with seven heads and ten horns. There can be little doubt that this constellation is the Greek Hydra, known in Babylon as the Serpent, which was seen as a serpent-dragon adorned with horns, wings and a pair of legs and was identiied with the Chaos Monster. The serpentine dragon in Revelation is, evidently, closely associated with the seven-headed Chaos Monster Tiamat in Babylonian tradition and with the sevenheaded Leviathan of Canaanite mythology. The Greek Hydra/Babylonian Serpent is located in the area of the sky right beside the zodiacal constellation Virgo, just to its south. Best vacation places in usa 2016.

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